Trimilin rebounders – fun for all ages

trimilin rebounder trampoline


Soft swinging on the rebounder

  • stimulates the fat-burning
  • activates the metabolisms
  • activates the lymphatic system
  • promotes the purification of the body
  • invigorates the immune system
  • gentle to spine and jointsy
  • strengthens fascia and muscles
  • trains balance and coordination
  • reduces stress
  • prevents osteoporosis

Fitness and Body Shaping

The Trimilin rebounder helps you to escape the vicious cycle of ‘excess weight – inactivity – even more weight’ once and for all.

Start with a few minutes of swinging or walking in place. Your stamina will increase noticeably after a short time. You can train longer and more intensive. And most of all this type of exercise is a great deal of fun!

Cardiovascular training, workout and strength training, weight loss

  • Cardiovascular training
  • Muscle-building
  • Endurance and fitness training
  • Strengthening connective tissues
  • Stimulate lymphatic system
  • Stimulate metabolism
  • Weight loss
  • Anti-Aging
  • Stress reduction
trimilin rebounders fitness. Mini trampoline workout

Trimilin quality control of steel springs and rubber cables

With Trimilin you are not limited to just one type of suspension system. Whether you love the superb dynamics of highly elastic steel springs or favour the softness and flexibility of rubber cable. Trimilin offers you the best of both systems.

Rebounders with steel springs

Rebounders with steel springs  – soft and gentle to the back

Rebounders with steel springs are first choice for sporty-dynamic and dance exercises as well as for endurance training.
With springs the elastic mat provides a rather stable, sturdy support. It is first choice for rehabilitation of ankle,
knee and hip joints.

Rebounders with steel springs

Rebounder Trimilin-sport

from 135,00 £

Rebounders with steel springs

Rebounder Trimilin-med

from 189,00 £

Rebounders with steel springs

Rebounder Trimilin-pro

from 235,00 £

Increase or reduce the tension of the trampoline according to your individual needs!

VARIO is a new suspension and tensioning system with 12 individual rubber cables.
This allows you to set the tension of the elastic mat to tighter or softer depending on your needs,
without having to replace cables or rubber rings.

Rebounders with rubber cables

Rebounder Trimilin Jump 111

358,00 £

Rebounders with rubber cables

Rebounder Trimilin VARIO 100

from 295,00 £

Rebounders with rubber cables

Rebounder Trimilin-JUMPGA 111

from 299,00 £

Rebounders with rubber cables

Rebounder Trimilin-JUMPGA 120

from 319,00 £