The Original – Superior Quality to the finest detail

Trimilin rebounders are manufactured using the highest quality materials for all component parts. With over 40 years of experience in research and design, Trimilin rebounders are brought to you by the most experienced and reputable manufacturer in Europe.

  • All Trimilin mini trampolines feature a long life specially fabricated jump mat.
  • Superior quality springs and suspension with excellent craftsmanship.
  • Trimilin rebounders are sold with a deluxe quality spring cover padding which covers the springs and steel frame, helping to prevent injuries, and especially safe for children.
  • The thick foam inlaid and textile backed spring cover is mandatory for TÜV approval.


Trimilin rebounders are designed with round frames to provide an ideal bounce experience

  • Because spring tension is higher towards the edge than in the centre of the elastic mat. This automatically returns you from the edge towards the centre each time you land.
  • Trimilin elastic mats are of the highest quality, extremely durable, and retain their shape and stability over the years.
  • Mats on a lower quality rebounder quickly wear out and create a sagging feeling when you bounce, creating stress impact and tension in your joints – to be avoided at any cost!


The spring properties determine the tension and depth of bounce on Trimilin rebounders

  • We provide two different suspension systems: coil springs or rubber cables.
  • Each system has specific properties and advantages. All trimilin rebounders are manufactured with highest quality components suited to specific weight loads to provide an optimal tension for rebounding workouts.
  • Trimilin rebounders are available in varying degrees of softness

Highest Quality Workmanship

For decades Trimilin has been and still is the only manufacturer worldwide to research, to constantly improve and bring to perfection both types of suspension, rubber and coil springs. It is only after rigorous material testing and only when all quality specifications of our technicians have been fully met, that springs and cables are released for final assembly of our rebounders.

This lead in quality may be one important reason why so many therapists, physicians, athletes and private users consider Trimilin the premium choice rebounders.

Rebounders with Vario Rubber Cable

VARIO is a new suspension and tensioning system with 12 individual rubber cables

Rebounders with coil springs

Rebounders with coil springs are first choice for sporty-dynamic and dance exercises as well as for endurance training

Quality benefits of Trimilin rubber cables

In contrast to conventional rubber rings which are only wrapped in a thin textile coating, Trimilin cables are coated with multiple layers of highly elastic synthetic fibers for unparalleled longevity.

On specifically developed machines Trimilin rubber cables are submitted to long term stress tests.


TRIMILIN REBOUNDEr with rubber cables

Quality benefits of Trimilin coil springs

Generally coil springs get zinq plated to prevent corrosion. With just one severe disadvantage: Zinq makes the surface of the spring brittle and prone to breakage. Therefore Trimilin springs are sumitted to a special proceeding which renders zinq plating superfluous.

At the same time it gives them their characteristic charcoal-grey colour. The long term stress tests show that it is all worth the effort. The longevity of the springs improves significantly.


TRIMILIN REBOUNDER with steel springs

Trimilin suspension systems: Perfection without compromise

With Trimilin you are not limited to just one type of suspension system. Whether you love the superb dynamics of highly elastic coil springs or favour the softness and flexibility of rubber cable. Trimilin offers you the best of both systems.

Last but not least with its worldwide patented VARIO technique for easy modification of the trampoline mat‘s tension.