JUMPGA at AmanPuri

The Amanpuri hotel was the first in Aman’s ultra-luxurious hotel empire. Nearly 30-years on it is still arguably one of the best hotels in Thailand, if not Asia. Facilities include four fabulous restaurants, a superlative spa, a seductive black swimming pool, an embarrassingly beautiful beach and a fleet of yachts.

If there were ever a venue to change your life, this is it where you’ll be sure to rediscover a whole new you. It is the perfect destination for those who know what they want, a retreat that truly focuses on individuals needs and concentrates solely on wellbeing and fitness. Amanpuri doesn’t offer any detox programmes, instead targeting a more comfortable experience for their guests throughout their stay with a wide variety of vegan food available at all times.

The different immersion therapies are based around Weight-lossCleansing, and Fitness. Each programme is tailored to the guest’s individual needs; tailored diets, therapies, and exercise guarantee you’ll get the full benefit of the immersion experience with effective results. Each programme ends with a consultation to ensure that your results are sustained and continue even after leaving the resort.