Doctors, naturopaths and physiotherapists recommend a low level endurance training which will strengthen and challenge your bone cells to regenerate, without placing too much of a burden on your muscles and joints. Such training initiates and intensifies metabolic processes which nourish the affected areas and help to prevent and stabilize arthrosis.

Osteoporosis prevention

The generation of healthy bone tissue is encouraged by regular daily exercise providing balanced muscular conditioning. Your skeleton is actually constantly reshaping itself. Old bone tissue is replaced with new bone fibres. The gently controlled stress on your body as you rebound leads to an increased deposit of new fibres resulting in increased bone strength. […]

Using Trimilin rebounders as a therapeutic aid

There has been a marked increase in children suffering from hyperactivity over the past few years. A variety of symptoms include a noticeable difficulty to concentrate, and the inability to sit still. Using the trimilin rebounder with children displaying these symptoms provides the opportunity to burn off their excessive restless energy. The rhythmical motion of […]