A rolling stone gathers no moss

At this day and age people of all ages are suffering with symptoms of ill health, obesity and lethargy due to a simple lack of exercise. Advancements in technology are not always a blessing for our body. Many people find themselves in restricted situations such as sitting in cars, glued to computer screens at work, and relaxing in front of television sets. Many of us are not getting enough exercise each day to remain mobile and flexible and to provide the necessary stimulation for cardio and lymphatic health.

The good news is as you begin to enjoy your trimilin rebounding workouts, whether for a few minutes or an hour, you quickly rediscover the health and fitness benefits of a more active lifestyle. You don’t have to dress for gym, and you can work out indoors regardless of the weather. The rhythmical motion on your trimilin rebounder, even for a few minutes daily, provides exercise for all ages and fitness levels. It is not only gentle to the spine and joints but as invigorating for the spirit! You rediscover the joy in exercise – the ‘feel good’ factor!

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