Training for each cell

Trimilin quality rebounders are the best mini trampolines

Well, we cannot control gravity. But It was Albert Einstein who discovered that our body reacts to the forces of acceleration and deceleration exactly as it does to gravity. So when our body is accelerated or slowed down, we experience a greater physical strain just like with increased gravitation. And our cells strengthen and revitalise in response to this challenge.

Movement on the Trimilin produces this very training effect. At the top end of the bounce, you are completely weightless and relaxed and remain so until you come down and your feet touch the elastic mat. It slows you down and stops you, then accelerates and pushes you up again. This force is added to your normal body weight. All the muscles tense up to resist this force. Each cell wall is strained by the increased pressure. Each body cell is trained, from your toes to your fingertips. After such a training, you can feel the stimulating effect on your entire blood and lymph circulation throughout your body. The cells are supplied with fresh oxygen. You will normally experience a tingling sensation in your body.

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