“I was totally blown away by the JumpGa programme as a complement to my existing training regime”   AMY KILPIN IS a long-distance triathlete, she competes in three sports, swimming, cycling and running in immediate succession. Training for a bike race is hard. Training for a half marathon or a 1.9k swim is hard… but taking […]

The JumpGa Challenge

EVER WONDER HOW your core strength and stability matches up against others? Today you can find out TRAINING FOR CORE STABILITY requires resisting motion at the lumbar spine through activation of the abdominal musculature as a whole. Training for core strength allows for motions to occur through the lumbar spine in an attempt to work […]

JUMPGA at AmanPuri

The Amanpuri hotel was the first in Aman’s ultra-luxurious hotel empire. Nearly 30-years on it is still arguably one of the best hotels in Thailand, if not Asia. Facilities include four fabulous restaurants, a superlative spa, a seductive black swimming pool, an embarrassingly beautiful beach and a fleet of yachts. If there were ever a […]

Fit or fat

Rebounding workouts on your trimilin rebounder help you to escape the vicious cycle of ‘excess weight – inactivity– and then even more weight’. Start with a few minutes of gentle bouncing. You’ll notice that your stamina will increase noticeably in a short time. You will find that you will be able to workout on your […]