Fit or fat

Rebounding workouts on your trimilin rebounder help you to escape the vicious cycle of ‘excess weight – inactivity– and then even more weight’. Start with a few minutes of gentle bouncing.

You’ll notice that your stamina will increase noticeably in a short time. You will find that you will be able to workout on your trimilin for longer and with more intensity. And the best thing is that rebounding on your trimilin is a great deal of fun! And this motivates you to continue training regularly in the future. Dr. James R. White, University of California, San Diego, performed a study comparing a treadmill, a stationary bicycle and a mini-trampoline. After 10 weeks, all three groups showed substantial improvements with respect to fitness and fat reduction. However, after one year, he noticed great differences among the participants who still pursued their exercises. Only 5 % of the cyclists and 31 % of the runners still trained regularly. On the other hand 58 % of the minitrampoline users were still training daily. The motivating fun factor of the Trimilin rebounder is your unique chance to return to an active life. Permanently!